About Lisa

Isaac Asmiov said,  “The world in general disapproves of creativity.” 

I, on the other hand, love creativity.  

Creativity is the heart of innovation.  It’s the difference between problems and opportunities.  It’s the space between  “it can’t be done” and doing it. Creativity drives tomorrow’s best-selling products and experiences, social change, and personal transformation. It allows us to move beyond well established patterns to invent something new and useful.

Creativity isn’t all roses.  It can be hard, messy, contradictory, demanding, and unsettling.  Sometimes we don’t know where we are going until we have arrived.  But breakthrough thinking requires that we break through something—and that isn’t always easy.  

Reflecting on his life, Picasso said, “I am always doing that which I cannot do.”   That, my friends, is the power of creativity.

I’m a creator by nature.  In recent years, I’ve studied, consulted and co-authored several books on the impact of digital technologies on marketing and organizational structure.  I presently run an Innovation LAB where we design and build solutions for the financial challenges facing lower-wage individuals residing in the U.S.  One of my favorite past-times is helping people redesign their living spaces to more accurately reflect who they are today.




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